The Survival Diet


Yin yoga is what real badasses use to perform better and be happier, more healthy people.

Yin Yoga is Mana for Type-A Perfectionists Like Me

I have been wanting to write a manifesto dispelling the ‘wimpy’ rap of yin yoga (and really yoga in general) for quite some time. During most of my career, I was an energy consultant, competing with men 20 years my senior and often the only woman in the room. My strategy for success was often to take personal responsibility for…

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Disaster and failure is the universe's way of telling us to make a change, and it often can be a gift.

Vulnerability: How to break stronger

One of the topics that has been standing out to me lately in books, Audible, and podcasts is vulnerability (most famously recently written about by Brenee Brown). I have observed a lot of influential writers and authors over the last few months that I personally find to be inspirational, and I think that one of the reasons that…

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Shaved Beet Salad

Fast slightly spicy-sweet and raw. Make a lot because it is super light and healthy, and its ok to eat a lot. INGREDIENTS – one large red beet raw, grated – 1/2 cup curry sauce, Trader Joe’s – 4 tbsp sunflower seeds – 3 tbsp raisins – 1 diced sweet bell pepper – 3 cups…

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Survival Stir Fry

Family classic, Survival-style! This is another easy recipe. One of my pet peeves is complicated  recipes because I never have the time or inclination to follow them.  Also I don’t think of that if you need to cook for yourself every single day they should be complicated recipes.  So here it is quick and dirty and delicious….

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Healthy on the Road

About four months into my new SurvivalDiet, I had my food and cooking system dialed and did not have to think about things too much, but then I went on a business trip and realized that was really hard to be healthy while traveling!  Unless you are on a yoga retreat, travel (or eating out)…

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You’re a beverage junkie (coffee snobs and boozers, lookin’ at you)

There’s drugs in your beverage.  No seriously,  everyone in your office is a junkie.   Company fridge,  free drinks?  Did you ever notice that most of them have caffeine in them? Yep,  all drugs. Your boss wants you hopped up on caffeine. Not addicted? Sure that’s fine. Don’t drink anything with caffeine, sugar or alcohol for…

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travel & yoga

Food psychology: be the trophy, don’t eat it

I’d like to share something I noticed while traveling and maintaining a strict healthy diet.  This is hard enough to do but even harder when traveling for work. Business travel is about wining and dining clients, building rapport and impressing people. This often takes place over expensive dinners or in boozy sessions in hotel bars….

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Get salty

One of the classic pieces of health advice that is now being debunked (along with ‘fat is bad’) is that salt is bad for you. Please allow me to clarify right away that some people do have to much salt in their diet and, anyone who eat a lot of processed food almost certainly has…

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Importance of detox

Especially in the beginning of this diet when you are literally going through detox, (sugar, caffeine, alcohol) it is important to help your body move toxins out. Some of the ways might surprise you. Here are some ways you can move more quickly to a clean body: – lemon: before you have breakfast (and after…

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Mocktail: Peach fuzz

This simple mocktail looks fancy and has simple ingredients.  Sparkling water, 1/3 grapefruit juice, touch of honey and splash of peach bitters. It was so good I drank half of it before snapping a photo!

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